Travel Companions

During each travel adventure, I usually travel with the same group of friends, collectively known as the LPB’s (Lampposts & Bollards, two tall guys – lampposts, and two shorter guys – bollards, we are like a four man wolfpack.) There will also be appearances by other friends, and people I meet along the way.

For the sake of anonymity, I will give each person a nickname throughout my blogs, this list can be found below. I will continue to add names to this list as I add new travel blogs:


  • Loud Noises – my best friend, we went to University together. He is very loud, confident, inappropriate and loves women
  • Counting Sheep – Another close friend, former housemate, and best friend of Loud Noises from back home. He likes to submerge himself into the culture whenever travelling, and is often found counting sheep during conversations with friends
  • Smooth Operator – Another good friend, and older brother of Loud Noises, and also a big fan of women. Always has the smooth lines, whilst the rest of us are more gung-ho.

Vietnam Travel Friends

  • Kiwi – Fun girl from New Zealand, about to do some solo travelling.
  • Irish – Another fun girl, and friend of Kiwi, en route to her home in New Zealand.
  • Ridiculously Good Looking – Beautiful girl from Israel, really quiet, but lots of male friends…

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